The iFleetsense is a new, mobile advanced sensor system for vehicles and fleets. Vehicles and traffic are often considered a problem in cities, but the iFleetsense lets them be part of the solution instead. By equipping vehicles in a city with iFleetsense systems it can start collecting valuable data that can be used by authorities and policy makers to improve the city environment.

Air quality problems

Good air quality is essential for our health and a fundamental in resilient, attractive cities. Today air quality is alarmingly bad in many cities around the globe and millions of people are estimated to die premature deaths yearly because of air pollution.

Good access to measurement data is a prerequisite for authorities and managers to be able to combat the problems. Currently most pollution monitoring is done using high cost stationary equipment, but because air quality in urban areas is highly variable one, or a few, stationary stations wont give the full picture.

The iFleetsense platform is much more low cost and because it is mounted on vehicles that move around the city it will give a good geographic coverage even from a limited number of systems.

Optimized for vehicle use

The iFleetsense is specially designed to withstand the harsh traffic environment and is easily attached to any vehicle roof using a strong magnet fixing (or other types of fixing from Pointguard’s wide range of roof racks and fixings). It is also optimized for the low power requirements of modern cars, requires only standard 12V current to work and draws less than 60 mA.


The iFleetsense is equipped with an integrated GPRS/3G modem for real time delivery of sensor data to the cloud and comes with SIM-card pre-installed that is pre-configured to work in all major markets. Its modular designs allows for optional connectivity to most other popular connection standards like Wifi, Bluetooth/BLE, Lora/LoraWan, 433, ZigBee, Z-Wave, WiMax, Sigfox, etc.


The iFleetsense is a modular system, meaning it can be adapted with different setup of sensors depending on the customer's needs.

The version used in the Växjö pilot project has a clear focus on air quality measurements, but other projects may have a different setup of sensors depending on what the client wants to investigate.

List of Possible Sensors and Parameters

Below is a list of what is possible to measure and implement on the iFleetsense platform.

Note: Please note that the parameters listed below are a broad scope of what is possible to implement on the iFleetsense platform. All these parameters can not be measured simultaneously and many of them are not included in the current pilot project.
  • PM1
  • PM2.5
  • PM10
  • NO2
  • NOx
  • CO
  • O3
  • SO2
  • Benzene
  • Bens(a)pyrene
  • Sooth
  • As
  • Cd
  • Ni
  • Pb
  • Current fuel consumption
  • Average fuel consumption
  • Current position
  • Position history, trace
  • Current speed
  • Speed history, trace, ISA
  • Acceleration
  • Sudden, forceful braking
  • Driver behavior
  • No of passengers in car
  • Alcohol in air
  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Air Pressure
  • Ambient light
  • Environmental noise
  • Road quality
  • Pothole mapping
  • People density
  • Hotspot mapping
  • Coverage maps GPRS/3G/4G
  • Coverage maps Other (Lora, etc)
  • Your Suggestion...